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“Behind every great logo is a story.”*

What is our EDS story? Episcopal Day School is rich in history and Episcopal tradition, having had a presence in Pensacola for over 60 years. Episcopal Day School is taking great initiative in 21st century teaching and learning, exhibiting engaged environments and innovation in downtown Pensacola. Episcopal Day School believes in the gifts and talents of our EDS community and in the sharing of these unique attributes with others. Our hope is that this new logo represents the many facets of Episcopal Day School; that it stands the test of time; and that it positively represents who we are in our community. Episcopal Day School is growing and evolving every day, a hallmark of a school of excellence. Episcopal Day School is innovative, creative, and inspiring. Episcopal Day School has a story to tell...and this is only the beginning.  "Behind every great logo is a story."

*Lo Ming Min co-founder of Pixelapse

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