EDS is more than just an exceptional independent, or private, school in Pensacola, FL. We are a student-centered community with passionate teachers and a challenging academic environment. Located in downtown Pensacola, our experienced faculty provides a balanced blend of care and constructive, 21st century learning experiences. Students benefit from an innovative curriculum that sets a foundation for lifelong success. We instill a love of learning to help students stay engaged and prepare them for success in a diverse and global world. Founded on Episcopal traditions, we are welcoming of all faiths and backgrounds. Our dedication to education grows and evolves every day and we invite you to learn more.



    A School of Choice for Parents, Students, and Teachers

    I am so proud of the teachers at EDS.  They care deeply about our students and are committed to a culture of growth.  This is evidenced by their feedback in a recent faculty meeting.  Our Division Directors led an activity promoting the power of positivity.  Working in small, collaborative groups from different divisions, the teachers subsequently created a list of what they think are strengths of ... continue reading