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Who We Are



To prepare students for a life of learning and meaningful service in a diverse and global world, by providing academic excellence and character formation inclusive of all of God’s children and grounded in the Episcopal tradition.


To send our students out into the world with a mutual respect for others and a love of learning grounded in our Episcopal tradition of academic, ethical and spiritual growth. We will serve as the benchmark in our community and beyond for implementation of 21st Century skills, commitment to community and service and preparation for a diverse, global world. EDS will be the school of choice for parents, students and teachers.


In support of the Mission and Core Values of Episcopal Day School, we seek to create a thriving, diverse community in which human differences are understood, respected and seen as vital reflections of our larger society and world. As a student-centered community of learners, we value human diversity as a rich, living educational resource for fulfillment of our mission.

Core Values

We believe that our Episcopal identity embraces a unified community of diverse people and ideas. We foster each student’s moral and ethical growth regardless of faith tradition. STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) skills are integrated through problem-solving, research and reporting. Our Integrated Arts and Language courses provide instruction in music, drama, art and active movement. Students are also enriched in the areas of Spanish, Christian education, technology, library, P.E. and Wee Worship.

We believe that our students should discover and cultivate their unique gifts and talents. We challenge each individual to achieve his or her full potential, and partner with parents to ensure success.

We believe in stewardship of our God-given resources, including the gifts and talents we develop to serve our community and strengthen our global world.

We value 21st Century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity, grounded in high academic standards with technological integration. We engage each student in a rigorous and enriched academic program.